Can the LM35 Work off of 3.3v?

Hello i was wondering if the Lm35 temperature sensor can work off of 3.3v instead of the min 4v to 30v it has in the datasheet? my current project is all 3v to 3.3v.

You could make a simple voltage doubler with two 1N4148 diodes and two >= 10uF caps.
Using one 50% PWM output of the Arduino.
The temp sensor only uses 60uA.
I made an LTspice model, using the schematic of Figure 7 from this wiki page.

5.6volt with 6mv ripple with those parts and that load from 3.3v.

If you go beyond what the datasheet says, who knows? Maybe they will work. maybe they won't... One might work, another sample might not... The calibration may be off, etc.

For a one-off project I'd say give it a try! (I wouldn't recommend going "into production" with something like that, because prototype might work perfectly, or the 1st batch of 100 might work perfectly, and then things could start failing and getting rejected and you have to re-design.)

use TMP35, it's work with 3.3V