Can the MEGA read from sensors at 30hz and Parse GPS at 10Hz?

So I have a question on feasibility with the Arduino MEGA.

My project involves reading five 24bit values from an ADC and storing those values on to an SD card. At the same time I need to store GPS location and time on an SD card at a rate of 10Hz. Also as a side note the project needs to draw as little power as possible as the final device will be battery powered. (I know that the GPS will draw more power, but I’m at the point where every little milliamp counts)

The question I have is does the Arduino Mega possess the processing speed to collect the ADC values while processing the GPS information (buffering the GPS strings and parsing them)?

What I’m concerned about is that the time it takes to collect the GPS strings and time it takes to parse and store the information will take longer than the 100ms, not to mention mess up the 30Hz update rate of my sensors.

So to sum up: Is the MEGA a good choice?

The Adc returns 10 bit not 24 bit values. I can’t think of an ADC that goes to more than 14 bits.


I will be using an external ADC instead of an internal one, my bad should have specified that.

You need to provide a link to the ADC before any one will be able to workout hoe fasw it can be read.


A Mega (or Uno) can do a lot of parseing in 100ms. I think the time bottleneck (if any) will be writing to the SD Card assuming the sensors respond fast to requests for data.