Can the SOIC-16 Multiplexer be used as an audio relay?

Hi guys

Does anyone know if THIS multiplexer could be used as an audio relay? I want to be able to send 200mv of electric Guitar pickup to multiple destinations, and a SP8T system like this could really make my life easier.

Many thanks


It could work...

You'll need a negative supply voltage in order to handle the negative-half of the AC audio signal:

Analog Voltage Range (VDD − VEE) = 3.0 to 18 V

You'll also need to add pull-down (to ground) resistors (maybe 1M for the guitar) so that unconnected inputs don't float up or down. A floating input will "click" when something is connected or switched in/on.

Audio can be tricky because our ears have a wide dynamic range and we can hear (and be bothered by) low-level noise. With analog switches (and multiplexers/demultiplexers) you can sometimes get switching noise, and if you're a guitar player I'm sure you are already aware that high-impedance inputs are noise-sensitive and they can pick-up power line noise or other external electrical noises.

So, the tricky part of this project is probably the noise and you won't know if it's a problem 'till you start experimenting.

Eek, thanks Doug, it seems my project gets infinitely more complicated every day. All I want to do is attempt to reconfigure pickup routing remotely, but my biggest hurdle is to have the finished PCB small enough to fit into any Guitar cavity without sacrificing any of the wood to get it there, which is why I had been looking into things like the Multiplexers rather than strings of relays.

My brain hurts! I don't know where to begin now. But thank you for replying, I've so much more to learn.