Can this be done (twitter game)


Im new with the whole “Arduino” i got pointed here via another forum.
What i’m looking for is the following.

People can twitter things to our account and that way change the device i want to build (with Arduino)

I’m thinking along the lines of:

Person1 twitters: #goblueteam
Person2 twitters #goredteam

the devices reads these inputs and from there makes a led change color, make sounds, ect not sure yet what should happen next.

So eater the Arduino should be connected to a PC or direct via the internet
A piece of code should take care of the twitter feed and reads the tweets
then the Arduino should interact the correct way

Its all a study right now i should be done with my research by the end of the week and then start building.

I’m doing this for my non profit student internship at for people who wonder why :slight_smile:

Any help is making this thing become real is appreciated!

This sounds cool!

Good luck :slight_smile:

If the Arduino is connected directly, a Processing script can be run on the PC that gets the twit input and parses it. The processing script then only needs to send B or R to the Arduino.

The Arduino would monitor the serial port, and, when data was available, read it, and turn on either the blue LED or the red LED, based on what character was received.

It could, if you had one of these:

play the theme song for the red team or the blue team, too.

Oh cool that helped out allot, love the audio idea!
gonna do some drawings of how i want to work it out!

or you can do some simple beeps with a speaker ;), depends on how grand of a project this is going to be

yah maybe start out simple, im limited on time…

I think you might be interested in this:-

He blows bubbles every time his name is mentioned on twitter.

Okay so a little update. my project took another turn. i’m going to write a document for the next student to build the project.

I got summed up:

  • Code for the board (via Fritzing)
  • Code for Flash (for the comunication with twitter)
  • Project concept (describing the project)
  • use case scenario
  • installing the board for windows/mac/linux

I might need some feedback on some items later on
I think the code for the board and the flash app would be the hardest for me. Not a big coder