Can this be interfaced with arduino? (oled)

Hello, I still haven't bought an arduino, but I've been looking around and thinking of different projects that could be fun to make, and I wondered if I could find a cheap full color lcd/oled screen at a decent price. The cheapest I've found has a built-in Solomon SSD1332 Controller and I was wanting to know if that would be able to be used with an arduino and still have inputs and outputs for things such as buttons and such as well.

O-o I'm really really new to arduino, so if it's a stupid question, I'm sorry XD but I don't know of any way to check to see what different controllers have libraries. Is there a specific webpage or something to look for that kind of thing?

EDIT: crap.... forgot the link:

It says the interface is 8-bit parallel, but without diving into the datasheet, I wouldn't know what speed it's running at. So as far as pins go, depending on which version of the Arduino you get, there should be some pins left over.

You can cram 8 buttons/pots/sliders onto a single pin using multiplexers and shift registers.

I would say for a first project -- unless you have prior experience with microcontrollers -- you might just want to make a row of LEDs blink. I know when I started I thought I could do everything, but when I got down to the simple stuff, I realized I had overlooked a number of things.

Best answer I can give to your question is read the datasheet, and ask for help with anything you have trouble understanding. I'm an Arduino noob myself, but there's a lot of helpful people on this board.

It says the interface is 8-bit parallel

But it also says it has an SPI interface and that is only 3 or 4 wires.

From first look it seems like this might be a good candidate to interface with the arduino as it contains it's own memory and so does not need constant refresh like a lot of displays do. Get the display with built in controller on the break out board.

However it is a good intermediate project not one suited to an absolute beginner.

is there any library for that display driver?