Can this LCM12864I LCD screen be linked to Arduino?

Hello People

I´m wondering if is possible control this LDC Screen with arduino, is a lcm12864I 128 x 64 pixels, I´ve a lot of this and want make is useful in any arduino project, also it comes with board, don´t know if the board can make the connection easy because I´ve looking for datasheets and saw a IC on board as LCD controller, not sure how connect, that´s why publish this topic in order to receive some information or help to give well use to those LCD´s.

This is the LCD board.

This is LCD back view.

Board View 1

Board View 2

Board Proccessor Unit view.

Group View

A search of this forum found this post:

There may be other posts too

I would put money on it being a KS0108-style display.
However it is possible that it is a ST7920.
Or even a Toshiba T6963C.

Googling "LCD12864i" gets

Of course it would be much easier if that link had a photo of the pcb.


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