Can this reader communicate with arduino

User manual show RS485 communication
. This is a link ZKAccess FR1200 Slave Standalone Biometric Reader to a reader, after reading the user manual, i can't figure out whether this reader can communicate with arduino?

can arduino be used instead of access device to read the reader ?

Is the command protocol documented in the user documentation? I can't access those, there is some kind of web block. You should repost it here.

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I found above documents, in which I do not understand how reader will communicates with any microcontroller.

Look at page 13, RS485 connection diagram

The user manual you provided is very high level. It does not mention anything of use about the communication protocol. A very brief look at the website for this product doesn't give the impression that they want you to interface your own kit to it.

It looks like it is possible, with an RS485 adapter, but they don't mention the baud rate or protocol so it could be very difficult to figure out what to send it for commands.

RS485 mode of communication is used by the sensor to communicate with the master reader or the inBio panel. The user places their finger on the sensor and after the fingerprint is matched by the master or inBio panel an audio and visual indication for acceptance/rejection is provided to the user.

It looks like the brains are in a separate panel and this "reader" may just be a dumb camera that sends images to the central panel to be matched against fingerprints. That would make it almost useless a an input for an Arduino.

i have a reader, rs485 shield, so i want to give a try.

I think I have complete hardware to test right now I need to run the code with different setting like baud rate, data bit, parity bit, stop bit.

I don't know What do you refer for commands here?

What is preventing you from doing that?

The reader works on 12v while the arduino on 5v, i'm afraid the arduino shouldn't be damaged if i connect both via rs485

Oh, well I see you have zero knowledge of digital devices... not a good portend.

The protocol is completely unknown. Either it will send you data when it detects a fingerprint or it won't. If it doesn't, it may be waiting for a command. Without a protocol specification, how are you going to know what it is waiting for?

What you can do, although hypothetical given your demonstration of complete technical ignorance, is connect the device with the manufacturers controller system components, and "sniff" (sample) the traffic on the RS-485 bus. By operating the system, and observing messages, you might be able to reverse engineer the protocol.

@Rehan11 , a quick google search brought up this github page:

It may not detail your fingerprint reader, but it will give you an idea of what the road ahead may look like.

And the downloads page on the ZKTeco website may be of use to you. There are some SDKs on there. If they are PC based, and they work with your fingerprint reader, then you may be able to monitor the RS-485 traffic and reverse engineer the comms parameters and protocol.

More details needed. There is no pinout for interfacing, no known communication protocol.

I think using rs485 shield will not harm the Arduino.

I think shield will transfer the 12 volt signal coming from the reader to 5 volt for Arduino.

These are the power supply voltages required to operate each device. If each device has an RS-485 interface, then the voltage levels they use will be compliant with the RS-485 specification. These voltages won't be 12V or 5V.


Baud Rate: The default is 38400.
ZKAccess3.5-Security-System-user-manual-V3.1.1.pdf (2.6 MB)
MA300+FR1200+installation+guide+v2.0.pdf (1.0 MB)
ZKTECO+FR1200+User+Manual+V1.0.1.pdf (191.0 KB)
FR1200.pdf (783.8 KB)

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