Can vibration amplitude be calculated with RPM?

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I wonder whether I can calculate vibration amplitude of DC motor when the motor performance sheets are not available.

Recently I bought a small DC vibration motor (coin type)

Its written spec follows:

3V rated voltage, 1.2V operating voltage
5mm radius, 3.4mm thickness
Maximum current: 100mA
RPM: 14000 +- 3000

From RPM, I simply obtained vibration frequency as RPM/60, but I don't know how to calculate the vibration amplitude (G).

I googled DVM1034, but there was no detailed sheets.

Is there any way to calculate vibration amplitude other than viewing performance sheets that manufacturer provides?

Thank you.

Assuming an off-centre mass motor load, the displacement amplitude is constant, so the acceleration
amplitude goes up as the square of frequency. The actual values depend on the load mass. This is
clear something to measure, there are too many variables like load mass, suspension compliance,
resonances, etc etc.

Thank you for the comment.

The possible ways seem to be measuring vibration strength with vibrometer or getting another vibration motor whose performance sheet is provided.

As I have stated the vibration amplitude depends on many factors, not just the motor, so the datasheet cannot tell you this.

Dear MarkT,

I mean, manufacturer, such as Precision microdrives, provides a graph, which is called vibration motor performance, that includes vibration amplitude, frequency, and acceleration efficiency depending on voltage.

I think I used wrong words.

Thank you