Can we execute the codes of ArduinoUNO on ATmega32?

I have an ATmega32 Leaning Kit with downloadable facilities for fusing Intel-Hex formatted file into the Flash of ATmega32. I have a LED connected at PB5-pin of ATmega32. I have taken the Intel-Hex file of the BLINK program of ArduinoUNO, and I have successfully fused it into the Flash of ATmeag32; but, the LED is not blinking. Pls note that the ATmega32 is configured to start at 0000h after power-up reset. How can I solve this problem?

As I understand correctly, you want to run image from ATmega328P (UNO) on ATmega32. It is wrong idea since it is different MCU. The only way is to make the image for exact MCU type.

They are "mostly compatible" at the C source-code level. That means that you can install an ATmega32 support package (like GitHub - MCUdude/MightyCore: Arduino hardware package for ATmega1284, ATmega644, ATmega324, ATmega324PB, ATmega164, ATmega32, ATmega16 and ATmega8535 ), select that as your board type, open the blink.ino example sketch, and hit some choice from Build, Export Compiled Binary, Upload, or Upload using Programmer, make sure the binary makes it on to your ATmega32 (exact process will vary), and some pin will turn on and off (whether it's the pin that you have attached to an LED is a separate question. See the pin diagrams at the MightCore site.)

The "Almost" is because the ATmega32 is an older chip than the ATmega328, and it may be missing some features or have features that operate differently in ways not supported by some of the more obscure libraries. The only one I can come up with off the top of my head is that the Timers are more like the ATmega8, so the chip only supports a total of 4 PWM outputs instead of 6 (Timer0 and Timer2 each only have a single "output compare" register.)