can we install arduino bootloader on old pc

hello, i am new to this site and this technolgy i read in some site about microcontrolers thats are same like computer it's have all the compounts like ram and rom even processor

i have an old computer work i ask you if we can use it as microcontroler and connect it via usb cable like arduino or serial port to development pc

it's will very fast more than microcontroler and have alot of ram and rom (flash or disk)

iam new and love your work and site and i will try to learn from you

sorry for bad english thank you

The Arduino bootloader only works on AVR processors (ATmega168, ATmega328...). The Arduino IDE only compiles programs for the AVR processors. The Intel or AMD processor used in a PC has a much different set of instructions and will not work as an Arduino replacement.

thank you but this idea can we make it with any bootloader like arduino if any ?

thnak you

The PC has a bootloader built into the BIOS. It load and execute the first sector of a disk.

thank you,
i am not a computer programer but
i love simply of arduino development and hardware

i want to use pc as atmega chip , that’s can work with all input and output

any way thanks for replay


In a word, no. PCs are too different to run Arduino software. However, there may be an alternative. Before I discovered Arduino, for a long time I was using a Labjack controlled by a C program running on a Linux PC. The Labjack is an USB interface which provides features very similar to the Arduino's I/O ports. See

Labjack interfaces are not cheaper than Arduino boards, but they do have certain advantages, including a choice of high-level development languages. And of course being attached to a PC you benefit from enormous amounts of memory, the option of running sophisticated software, and a nice user interface.

You may be able to use the PC, but not with arduino programming.

You could for example use the printerport, if it's an old parallel port, to control all kinds of electronic stuff. A music card could be used as analog in/output device and the serial ports, Rs232 or USB could also drive all kinds of stuff.

With a bit of searching you may also be able to find special cards / devices like labjack which you could use and some... hobbyists even made their own pc-cards.

Programming will probably be necessary, when you have an idea you would like to realize... there's a small chance someone already made it, wrote the program you need and published it.

I've helped a friend drive his model railroad using the printer port and I guess quite a lot of people here have used their PCs to drive homebuilt electronic devices.

Do you have something particular in mind you would like to control ?

Maybe some of the people here could point you at the right direction.