Can you have 2 i2c eeproms and 2 i2c communications lines with arduinos

Hello all, I have a project that I want to do with arduinos that would require a central unit to be able to talk to other arduinos using the i2c communications protocol. I would also need to have eeproms to store data using i2c communication. My goal is to achieve this with an atmega2561 and two atmega328 micro controllers. Before I attempted this I wanted to see if it was possible. I had gone through about 2 pages of answers that don't really explain why or how.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Sure, connect all SCL to each other, with 4.7K pullup to 5V,
connect all SDA to each other, with 4.7K pullup to 5V.
Master sends out an address with a command or something, the appropriate slave responds.
Master creates the clock during all transactions.
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