can you help me rx tx

Hey there I want to print as a novice question 2 Arduino serial output to connect strong dose of input from them. example : Arduino 1 to 1 from 1 inputs and outputs to send Anolag 1.ardunio 2. I want to get data from the PWM signal from the Arduino short code they want to do what I do for RX and TX sevinirim ways to communicate a connection scheme I'm more concerned with the PLC software thank you

to connect strong dose of input from them

Can you explain what this means?

In fact non of the post makes any sense I can work out.

2 ardunino serial connecting cable rx tx 1. ardunio set digital 1 input and 2. ardunio set digital output 1 1.ardunio anolog input pot. and 2. ardunio anolog output pwm

Can you help

Can you give an example tanks

You need to common up the grounds for anything to work.

What does "sevinirim" mean?

to be happy :slight_smile: