Can you memorize the colors and press them in the order they appeared?

I saw this game Memocoly - Games for the Brain and I liked it immediately.I want make a real model of this game using Arduino Uno with led diodes and buttons.How to combined the buttons and led diodes so that it look's like the one in the link.

Many companies sell push buttons with a seperately-pinned LED mounted within.
You can use the push button to close a contact to Gnd to bring an IO pin low.
You use a different pin to control the LED.
google "Led push button"

This game is also known as Simon. I implemented it ~2years ago.
That code can be found on this forum ( search for ArduCapSimon.pde if you want some implementation hints)

10x for the info.Can I make real model of simon (make may own Simon) using arduino uno, 4 led buttons and a breadboard or it's not gonna happen.

Yes you can do it!

Would you be more specific on how to built the circuit for the game simon.I bought arduino Uno , 4 leds,4 buttons,4 rezistors and a breadboard.My concern is the pull down rezistors,because I found buch of stuff on how to wire evrything but I'm still counfused on this rezistors and why I need them for the wiring.

I made it,now I wanna make block diagram of the sketch,would somebody pich in with some ideas.I'm using the famous sketch of Robert Spann.

great little game!