Can you pull an RSS Feed?

I am starting from scratch - never done anything with Arduino before other than read the articles in Make magazine.

Ideally, what I’d like to do is use Arduino, plugged into the Ethernet Shield, which would then be plugged into my computer network. I’d like to then use the Arduino to periodically go to a website RSS feed, and take the text values from that feed to generate analog outputs that are proportional to the data on the web.

As an example, I’d want to take a weather feed and generate analog outputs related to temperature, relative humidity, rainfall in the last hour, etc.

I would prefer that this be standalone, not connected to my PC once everything is programmed and set up. I am interested in the most “off-the-shelf” setup possible.

I have two general questions:

  1. Can this be done, and are there any examples of successfully doing something like this that I can follow along?

  2. Any suggestions on a shopping cart (i.e. which Arduino, which shields, starter kits, etc.) that I should purchase given that I am starting from scratch?

Thanks for any help you folks can offer…


For RSS... take a look on

Thanks Cristo. That looks like a useful link.