Can you recommend a multiplexer that works with 3.3V ?

Hello, I'm building a small project for the Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V. I need to be able to read from two different devices using the only serial port on my Arduino (I need to read from these two devices sequentially, not simultaneously). Can anyone recommend an IC that would work for this application and that can be powered with 3.3V? I only need to be able to multiplex two inputs to one output.

If you know more than one IC that could be used for this task, can you name any advantage of one over another?

Thank you very much in advance.

Do you have a pair of spare digital pins? You could use NewSoftSerial for one of the devices rather than using the hardware serial pins for both.

Digi-Key and Mouser both have parametric component selection. You would search for "multiplexer" and then narrow down the choices by power requirements, price, etc.