Can you remove delays?

First of all, if you are reading, thank you ahead of time. I am new to coding, and even newer to NeoPixels. I just got me four rings of them and have been playing with the code a bit. I have an mega I was running some sensors and using the data to influence some RGB strips. The problem I am running into is the code I have been working with has a delay(wait) for every neopixel animation and could take a while to get through it. this has made the RGB function "choppy" and slow to react. Is there a way to do stuff that takes a while, and keep doing other stuff that is more or less instant like by taking away delays?

Yup, and it’s a “sticky” post right at the top of this forum’s page:

Sorry... I didn't know what that was called. Thanks for directing me to what I needed.

use millis(). Then you can have your code do any tasks you want it to while it is 'stopped'.