Can you run a 11.1 Lio-ion battery on a mega 2560 ?

Hi, I'm new to the Forum. :)

I'm using an Arduino Atmega 2560,4 SD card slots,four 4GB SD cards, a buzzer,a giant breadboard,four

12v Dc motors,4 infrared emitters and 4 infrared receivers.

Will a 11.1v 3 cell Li-ion battery be able to power it all, or will it be too much ?

four 12v Dc motors

Those motors will be the biggest draw. What is the rated voltage, running current and stall current of the motors? What are the motor drivers?

What is the battery capacity (mAh)?

More to the point what's the max discharge rate of the LiIon battery? The capacity is only relevant if the battery can power the load, which depends on the current available, not capacity.

Or put another way if asking about the ability of a particular battery you must identify it, preferably post a link to the datasheet...