Can you run more than one sketch at a time?


I have three different arduinos set up all doing various things two involve potentiometers and the other is taking times from a switch using a pseudeo stop watch prog I have coded.

I want to be able to have all three arduinos connected to the same computer so I can serial print all the potentiometers values and the timer value.

can u run three sketches at the same time on three different arduinos?


No the Arduino has no multitasking abilities.

However its usually not difficult at all to make it do one thing and then switch over to another thing.
Depending on how simple your program is it may just be a matter of copy pasting the code in to loop().

If you have three Arduino boards, though, they can each run a different sketch. Just open the first sketch, upload it to the first board, then do the same with the other two. A program written in Processing, for example, could talk to all three Arduino boards at once (assuming you have three USB ports).