can you run 'rookie' on a atmel chip ??or equivalent ?

i have been playing around with ‘rookie’ on a PIC32 and its a delight to use ,makes things so easy ,but is there an atmel equivalent i can use ??

What is 'rookie'? Post a link please.

PaulRB: What is 'rookie'? Post a link please.

Rookie - It's a little crowie, or a large jackdawie.

its brill on a PIC needs to be on arduino as well

So, a different sort of BASIC?

Oh, I remember now. Jim Spence's invention. He lives near me, we have exchanged emails but never met.

No, not available on Arduino (or AVR to my knowledge).

OK, just had a quick read-up on 'rookie'. The Arduino/AVR equivalent is called 'Wiring' and has always been part of the Arduino standard from the beginning.

For example, rookie function io_read() is equivalent to digitalRead() in Wiring.

i hope Atmel can come up with something similar as its nice to be done with the IDE and talk with the chip directly and see an instant response

Why do you want AMTEL to duplicate this? What would be the advantage of an AMTEL-based version?

Most Arduino are based on 8 bit technology with limited memory and clock speed. The ByPic approach would eat up too much of those resources and compromise performance. I know, I started on PicAxe before moving over to Arduino.

32 bit technologies could support this approach, and most of these are ARM-based. But the overheads would probably eat up much of the performance advantages. Even 8 bit Arduino runs amazingly fast because the overhead of the ide and compiler are done on the pc, only the native compiled machine code is uploaded to the Arduino, so its maximum resources are available to run the program.

It would be interesting to compare the speed of both on simple and more complex programs, to see what tasks bypic outperforms arduino at and vice versa.