Can you send data from one Nano 33 BLE to another?

Hello all,

I recently started messing around with Arduino and have gotten myself a few Nano boards (not just BLE). Before for some personal projects I was using a nRF24L01+ module to send data from one Arduino to another, and I was wondering if I can do the same thing with these boards and no extra modules.

Yes, you can. Have a look at the ArduinoBLE library examples. There are examples for Central/client and Peripheral/server.

The peripheral/server is usually the low power node e.g. a heart rate sensor and the central/client usually has more power available and initiates data transfers and analyses/displays the data e.g. a smart phone but can be another Arduino as well.

From an application layer point of view the server creates a service with characteristics and stores new data in it when ever the application has new data. The server never sends the data without a request.

The client uses the GATT protocol to read what data is available. The data can have read and/or write access.

Start with the server and uses a smartphone with a generic BLE app. I use BLE Scanner on iPhone. Have a look at the source and the data you can read in the app.

Then you can use a central app to read the data from the server.