Can you suggest an IoT Clud Service?

Good morning.
I'm currently prototyping IoT devices and I'm using (so far) ThingSpeak. It is easy to set up, easy to integrate with devices, and also free to try.
I see the dashboards that other providers are offering for larger projects and I wonder what cloud service thay are using.

With ThingSpeak I've found some limitations. For "Public views of channels" you can only show either normal histograms (measurement x time) or Matlab analysis (quite often combination of several measurements in X/Y matrix as well). But anything else (a gauge, a status light, etc) would have to be made with "ThingSpeak Plugins" and they are not "shareable", only viewable on your own private channel using your user password

I've checked other cloud services. Yesterday I tried Carriots, uses RESP APIs (only ones I've worked with so far), which is good for me, but when I went into the dashboard creation, all it said was "Pay $40/month to start creating your dashboards). I'm good with paying (although I would like something I can test before) but $480 a year seems a lot to charge to a client only to have the ability to have their info stored.

Do you guys have experience with IoT clould platforms that are easy to integrate with Arduino and offer a decent service, nice dashboards, etc, at a fair cost?


There are so many platforms out there. You can try

Yes I know there are a lot, but I wanted to know from personal experience about one that complies with what I was asking for. Does the one you mention as favorite let you design nice dashboards?

Adafruit io. Plenty of nice dashboards, and probably the best support you will ever see as well.

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