Can you upload a sketch wirelessly to Arduino Uno WIFI rev2

I am trying to upload sketches to an arduino uno wifi rev2 using its bluetooth or its wifi internal module. Is that possible or should I get an external Bluetooth module?


It's possible because there is an ESP32 onboard.

You can do that with the library "elegantOTA". More information here:

Have fun :slight_smile:

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Great! I'll take a look.
Thank you!

Not by default, although I imagine that someone is working on it. Use the USB connector for program upload.

The WiFi rev 2 uses NINA-W102 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® module from u-Blox.

@pascal_ing , OP doesn't want to update the esp32, but the ATmega

Yeah, apparently because of the arduino uno wifi rev2's onboard ESP32 I can upload and change the arduino's sketch. I am focusing on uploading the code through BLE, but I am having trouble figuring it out. There are some examples of people uploading through wifi using a web page, and there is something called a web bluetooth. So I figured if I put them together that might work. But I am having trouble finding the correct libraries. Any help is welcome haha

afaik there is no finished solution to OTA upload to Uno WiFi rev 2.

I'm sorry that isn't possible on arduino uno wifi rev2. I thought with the presence of ESP32 it was.

I worked 2 years ago on a similar projet. I success to program an arduino uno and nano through BT.

Here is the tutorial I found :

I isn't so easy but it is feasible. I spend around I week to success because not all HC-05 are compatible.

Now I use ESP32 boards (like nodeMCU) : they are very efficient ! and cheap


Yeah, i noticed right after my last reply that @Juraj was correct when he try to tell us that we were looking at articles on how to update ESP32 instead of the Atmega. In that case, I thought it would be best to write a custom bootloader. Currently i'm reading about how to do so.

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