Can your desktop communicate to a display the same way an arduino can?


I know it is a strange question but i wanted to use an arduino with my computer to display some data. It got me thinking that the arduino doesnt actually have a gpu, it sends data through a serial port to the monitor to tell the display what to do. Can't I bypass the arduino and send commands to the display directly from my computer by opening the correct port?

Well, you didn't get much excitement from your other post, did you?

You may well be "not afraid of coding", but this is a substantial undertaking.

I have not delved into how much "smarts" are in the display board itself, and what is in the Arduino shield or the software library that it uses - and I am certainly not going to - but unless you can find an alternate interface somewhere, you are going to have a lot of fun figuring out how to interface either the display itself directly, or via the Arduino shield to a PC.

Don't hold your breath - with or without a mask! :cold_sweat: