CANbus coding

Howzit guys

I have a bit of a scenario.

I am a Heavy Current Electrical Engineer and I recently started playing with electronics for the first time.

The project I have created for myself at work is to standardise all our product to a certain LCD display.
The display in question is a STEP SM.04VL/G. The problem I have is that this is a Chinese Display unit and getting information is near impossible. I have however, with the help of this forum, found some information on the display unit.

The programming issues I have are, firstly I have little to no programming experience, and the task I am trying to accomplish seems a bit out of my skill set

The Task in question is controlling a Elevator Display screen (Basic Floor1, 2 , 3 Overload ect.). These display options I believe are programmed into the display from the factory so that it can communicate with the controller.

I however will not be using this controller I want to retrofit the display unit to an older installation that makes use of limits/relays that sends a voltage to the micro-controller that in turn needs to send the signal via CAN BUS to the display unit.

I have tried finding the out what codes to send but nothing. I was told that there is a method of doing this namely CANbus sniffing??

Can this be done and if so what would I need to do this

Okay so I have come as far as being able to send information from one arduino+Can bus shield to another Arduino + Can bus shield. Now I need to use this new found superpower to send a signal to the LCD screen in question.

The message that needs to be sent to the screen is the Binary code for the numerical numbers 1-255.
each should have their own effect on the screen.

I have tried sending these code by using the send example but no luck, I think it is not being sent in the correct "format".

Basically the user guide of the screen states that the binary code for 1 to 245 each have an outcome on the screen, I assumed that sending it on the send example with 0's and 1's should do the trick but obviously not. Can someone help me in the correct direction, I am basically stuck at the moment

Not to sure if I am sending the correct type of code to the display unit. what is the chances of there having to be a protocall code or any other type of code added (I have read somewhere there are 11 and 29 bit coding) also is there a way of finding out the baud rate setting the sending code has to be on?