Canbus Shield and Arduino Uno

So i’m trying to connect my 2016 Ford Focus ST to my Arduino Uno with the Sparkfun Canbus shield. Only this else connected is a LCD screen. No SD or GPS. When I connect it to my car, and turn the car on. It gets power through the OBDII connector (bought from sparkfun), and I have it reading its value through the Serial monitor.

Now i’ve had this problem for a week and can’t for the life of me figure it out. It’s throwing erratic data and will only read the RPM every so often (when it does it’s an accurate reading). The erratic data is shown as “0 g/s” and “255 km” and “254 km”, and sometimes even “100%”

The library I used along with the headers will be linked.As well as the program I’m using

SparkFun_CAN-Bus_Arduino_Library-master (1).zip (25.9 KB)

Trial_run.ino (3.28 KB)