Cannot access i2c/twi on ov7670 cmos sensor [solved]

hi guys, i need a little help with my ov7670 cmos sensor. i'm trying to write/read register with address (0x42 and 0x43) on my ov7670 sensor. but it don't respond with the ACK. i'm installing 3.3v to the SDA and SCL. because i know it will be dangerous to work with more than 3.3v.

The question is, did the ov7670 will send an ACK when it acknowledges, or maybe another problem has happened? i've tried with TWI register in atmega328p, arduino Wire Library, even the manual push button i2c simple circuit

Like this :

But i still can't write/read the registers. is ov7670 has the minimum SCL speed?

please help,

Have a look at: OV7670 with both arduino uno and now mega - Sensors - Arduino Forum

Google is your friend.

i had already view that post in many times. But i think mr_arduino has the different type of the camera module spec.

can someone else help me? =(
i cannot read or write the register. please..

What do you mean by "type of the camera module spec"? Have you even tried my code?

What do you mean by "type of the camera module spec"? Have you even tried my code?

it means, my country sold a different type of ov7670 module. mostly, ov7670 with fifo came with about 20 pins on it, and i just have 18 pins on it, and there is a different schematics of the camera, so i can't use your code anyway. so, i took a small part of your code and try to learn. Make some modifications, and voila it works!

i'm using an i2c slave finder code to find my ov7670 module address. my device address is #33 for read and write. and use the twi library to communicate it. just connect the pull-up resistor to prevent anythings that bad for ov7670.

Thanks alot for your code. :smiley:

Hello, mardikarifqi!
Can you send your codes here? And please tell, what you modified in code.
I have also 18 pin version.