Cannot access items under HELP in the IDE

I cannot access any of the items in the <Help> drop-down – like reference, find in reference, troubleshooting and FAQ. I have updated to the most current version 1.7.3 without any luck. I suspect I may be missing a directory item due to an overzealous disk cleanup on my part.

Otherwise, the IDE seems to be working although I haven’t run thru all of the functions.

Thanks in advance for any help. I am 73 years old and getting more stupid each day, but this stuff keeps my mind active.


1.7.3 is the IDE. You are on the forum which is run by a different company that has a different version of the IDE. People on this forum are more familiar with the .cc IDE so you might want to try installing the .cc IDE unless you have an Arduino board that is only supported by the .org IDE.