Cannot access webpage hosted on the SD card

Hi All,

I have encountered a problem when I was trying to access a webpage on the SD card mounted on the Yun. The index.html file was placed in the folder arduino/www/test/index.html. However when I tried to access it with http://arduino.local/sd/test/ or http://smartboy.local/sd/test/index.html. Both url will retrun an error of "No such file or directory".

Then I tried to access the folder through the terminal but the "www" folder cannot be accessed. When I used the "ls" command under the the arduino folder, it returns an error of "ls: ./www: No such file or directory". Does anyone know what's the problem here?

Also, I have noticed that sometimes when I try to access the webpage, it will display the index of the folder instead of the actual webpage because the index.html file in that folder is changed to ._index.html. Could these two problems be related?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!