Cannot compile 18b20 temp.sensor example F5XAS9CIFMTNEBR

For checking out if I could use the Dallas/Maxim sensor 18b20 in a temperature controller, I was searching for a code example and found somewhere the one with the name as above (I hope I copied it correctly...)
I also downloaded the two libraries, Arduino-Temperature-Control-Library-master and OneWire.
All this is in one directory, ofr folder if you prefer.
Unfortunately the program does not compile on my Mega2560.

exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560.

Unfortunately there is no hint where the problem lies. Do I still miss something, or can someeone show me a better test prog.

I found other programs, but most are for connecting several sensors. I just need one.

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I have never heard of the Arduino temperature control, but therre is a Dallas temperature control that everybody uses.
It could be that your libraries are not properly installed, or even that you simply haven't re-started the IDE so that it can find them.

Many thanks Nick,
maybe the name I used looks a bit strange, but the library really is called Arduino-Temperature-Control-Library-master, although it is for the dallas chip.
However, I now discovered that the compiler doesn't find OneWire.h
As this is the first time I tried to compile a sketch with external libraries, I would be very glad you could show me the place where I find infformations how to bind in .h-files. I tried to put them together with the .ino in one folder, but still got the same result.

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library really is called Arduino-Temperature-Control-Library-master,

Probably not true

I won't ask why there is such a lunatic approach, but the instructions are there, and it probably works.

Essentially, you put the library folders in the libraries folder, where all the other library folders are, but you must restart the IDE so that it can find the newly installed libraries. Your inos go in /Sketchbook, but you will find example ino included in libraries. They can stay there and you save as anything you do with them in Sketchbook too.

Nick, I’m very glad that thanks to your help I can now compile the 18b20 sensor example without errors.
I hope next time I know where to put libraries… :slight_smile:
Strange though that the example sketch I used didn’t mention the necessary renaming of the libraries.

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