cannot compile a code from UNO on UNO WIFI

Hi, can anyone have idea what could be the issue? If I select UNO as a board it compiles the code. If I change the board type to UNO WiFi Rev2 I got messages "x variable not declared in this scope".

Hi, can anyone have idea what could be the issue?

Could it be a problem with the code you didn’t post?

This is an older code that works for UNO, this is why I still can compile it on UNO. The UNO WiFi Rev2 has the new processor but it is written that there is a register emulation that translates the old into the new messages. This could be selected from arduino/Tools menu. So I did that but still does not work. If I take the blink example program, that works. So I was wondering that there is some trick in the installation, that needs to be made to have the old codes running on the new processor.

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