Cannot compile the arduino code with eclipse

Hello everyone,

I’m a Arduino newbie, just bought the Arduino for a couple of days, i have the Arduino IDE 1.6 installed and i have no problem to compile the code and run it on the Uno board.

Since it’s too troublesome to use the Arduino IDE, i tried to use the Arduino plugin for eclipse, and the version that i used as below.

  1. Arduino IDE 1.6 installed.
  2. Eclipse Kepler 32bit edition.
  3. JRE 7.0 X86 edidtion.
  4. Arduino eclipse plugin

Too many methods and types that defined in the Arduino core package cannot be resolved in the eclipse, i think the eclipse is not configured in the right way, but i don’t have so many experience on it.

More detailed information please open the attached picture.

Thanks you very much.