Cannot compile TimeRTC and TimeRTCset

Have got an Arduino Mega, a DS1307 RTC and am running Arduino 1.0 Am trying to achieve the Mega running as a timed sequence controller for my house and garden. It will be integrated into my shed, shown in this link... I am serious hardware hobbyist who only has experience of Intel 8085 assembler, I only say this as if anybody is good enough to try and help please answer in simple terms, thanks Here are my problems...

Downloaded Arduino 1.0, saw in Time the examples TimeRTC and TimeRTCset, my cup runeth over, this is all I need to start my great project!

Neither would compile, errors, could not find the include files Time.h, Wire.h and DS1307RTC.h.

Downloaded these from web, put them in hardware\arduino\cores\arduino and the sketch found them......but loads more errors

Can anybody advise me


PS What pins do these two sketches expect the RTC to be connected to the Mega?


It's probably best not to put library files in the hardware/arduino/cores/arduino directory.

You put libraries into a folder named 'libraries' in your sketch folder. The Time library files should be in a folder called 'Time' in the 'libraries' folder. Then re-start the IDE and try the Time examples again.

If they don't work. it may be that they have not been updated for Arduino 1.0. Let us know what the first missing file is and we can help you get the library ported.

Dear johnwasse

Many thanks for your time and assistance. Did not know where I had put what so started again with a download and followed your instructions. Here are my results:

TimeRTC compiled and loaded beautifully and worked

TimeSerial and TimeSerialDateStrings will not. 'BYTE' keyword not supported by Arduino 1.0 so something needs changing here. Luckily I do not think I have a need for these sketches

The RTC1307 in the include files led me to think that I needed my DS1307 to operate these sketches but I think the sketches operate the Arduino as an RTC?

Thanks again Gerry O'Donovan

Serial.print(integer, BYTE) has been replaced by Serial.write(integer), if you want to port those sketches.

I remember a Time library that could either use a RTC chip or it would use the built-in timers (which are not nearly as accurate). If you are timing things over days or weeks you should probably get the RTC chip running. :)