Cannot Connect to CH340G Arduino Nano Clone

I purchased this Arduino Nano from Banggood which uses the CH340G chip for the USB to Serial interface

I am running Windows 8.1 Enterprise on a HP Revolve 810.

I have tried installing the driver for the CH340G with all of these instructions and also disabled driver signature enforcement for windows before installing the driver:

When I plug in the arduino nano via USB the power LED is on and the L LED is flashing. However there are no unknown devices in device manager and there is no auto-connect feature or anything that asks for a driver to be installed on the device. Also obviously there are no COM ports listed in the Arduino IDE (Version 1.6.7) I'm pretty lost so if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this that would be great! Thanks.

It sounds like you could have a charge-only cable. Can you try a different cable, and try a different computer to see what you get?

Wow that's probably right. I just grabbed this cable from a drawer at home which was for charging phones and stuff, I'll get another cable and let you know if that was the problem, thanks for the insight!

I was fortunate. The only mini USB to USB cable I had was one for a card reader.

Thanks a ton dmjlambert! I borrowed a friend's cable and it worked like a charm. I'm glad I don't have to order another Arduino and wait for the long shipping from China!

Great! So what other crud do you have in that drawer? :slight_smile: