Cannot Convert 3.3V Logic to 5V Logic Using TXB0108

Took a look at your picture of the setup and noticed that you are treating a prototype board as a breadboard.

Yes on a breadboard you can plug your dupont wires in to make connections but to just push the dupont wires

into the thru holes of the prototype board is asking for trouble. A secure connection will not be made.

Either transfer to a breadboard or add headers to the prototype board for everything to plug into or just solder

everything on the prototype board.

Something else I just noticed in the photo. The pins for the txb0108 breakout board are on the top side rather than the bottom so there is no spacer between the breakout board and the board its mounted to.

I don’t think it’s doing any harm but it’s just odd, the board being so close to the perfboard. I hope everything is soldered!