Cannot create a folder for sketchbook


I'm new to Ardunio and I'm going mad trying to get the IDE to work. I've downloaded the Windows installer 1.6.9) installed it and when I try to run I get a small splash screen "Arduino cannot run because it could not create a folder to store your sketchbook". I've read through a number of posts where others had similar problems but I can't seem to find anything or relevance to what I can see in my directories. I've been building PCs for years and have a degree in Electronics - but this beats me!

Help gratefully appreciated!

It may be a permissions thing. You may have to broaden permissions for the folders you plan to use. I don't bother with the installer. I put the unzipped code at c:\arduino and put a shortcut to arduino.exe in my start menu. The path for my sketchbook is then C:\Users\CrossRoadsFencing.CrossRoads\Documents\Arduino Where CrossRoadsFencing.CrossRoads would be the user info you have set up.

@ villacanaman

Can you not create new folders at all ?

If you can then create it first before you point the IDE to it.

Otherwise I agree with crossroads in the permissions thing.

Thanks for the advice guys, but it doesn't help! I can create folders in Explorer - no problem - so I don't see why Permissions should be an issue. I already did as advised and created a new arduino folder in C: and placed the unzipped files in there, and created a shortcut on the desktop. I created a new folder Arduino in C:\Documents (even though I don't use that for anything else) When I run the shortcut I still get the splash and it terminates. If arduino.exe would run, I could probably point to the sketchbook location; but it won't run!

If you open C:\Users(username)\AppData\Local\Arduino15\preferences.txt you can set your sketchbook location by changing the value of sketchbook.path to an existing folder then try starting the IDE again.

Thank pert.

I removed all my previous installation attempts, downloaded arduino 1.6.9 afresh and reinstalled, placing it in C:/ardunio. Program installed, double clicked desktop icon, same result. Following your suggestion went to C:\Users(username)\AppData\Local\Arduino15 and that folder is empty!

My PC is an i7 running Win7 Pro 64bit - is it the 64bit that could be causing the problem ?

Hi villacanaman

Did you swap "(username)" for your username eg. C:\Users\villacanaman\AppData\Local\Arduino15 ?

Is your windows install a split install ? In which case the real users folder may be on another drive.

Are you running on a workstation eg. company computer or school computer ?

Are you logging on as a guest or administrative user or proper Administrator? (Administrator has more right ability than an administrative user)

Running Win7 x64 Pro here so that's not your issue.