Cannot discover Arduino BT

Hello people,

I have got a project with the arduino BT board which consists in gathering data from different sensors and passing them on to an android phone.

As I'm completely new to Arduino and processing, I first played around with some basic pieces of codes etc.

So I decided to go on with this but now I'm facing a very embarassing issue : I can no longer connect to my arduino BT as I do not even see it when I try to add a bluetooth device.

I mean it's like the Bluetooth chip is not working any longer or something. I thought it could be due to the batteries so I changed them but the result is the same, cannot pair with it either with my computer or my phone, the arduino BT is not discoverable any more :'(.

As this issue is the most basic one I guess, I did not find anything apart from changing the batteries that could set the thing right.

Would you have any idea or could you tell me anything that I could do to troubleshoot that ?