Cannot display the correct characters on LCD

Hi all,

I am trying to interface the Mifare reader/writer to Arduino Uno microcontroller. I am referring to the link below which interfacing Mifare reader/writer to Arduino BBfuino:

Because of the different board used, I can’t use 8x2 LCD to plug directly to microcontroller and I replace it with 16x2 LCD. I’ve tested the 16x2 LCD with Arduino Uno and it works well as shown in the link below:

However, when I interface the Mifare reader/writer CR038 with Arduino Uno and 16x2 LCD, the LCD cannot display the characters successfully as shown in the video below:

My question is:
Is the code having problem for interfacing Mifare reader/writer with Arduino Uno?

MiFare_Arduino_Interfacing.ino (15 KB)

It may be just a formatting problem - fixed by leading or trailing blanks

Please post the code in the proper manner using </>, and post a video that just shows the problem, without all the other stuff. A still picture may suffice.

You can test that the code is basically kosher by sending the results to the serial monitor.