Cannot Find Arduino in Device Manager

I am tring to get an IMUArduino working. If you don’t recognize this device please look here: It is based on the Arduino Leonardo. The supporting videos show it works exactly as you may expect for any arduino.

I am having trouble getting my computer to recognize the device. I tried to install the drivers. This solution requires that the device be seen by the computer. My computer does not get this far. I cannot find ‘Other Devices’ in device manager (please see attach picture). Additionally when I plug the device into the USB port nothing happens (windows doesn’t give any response that a new device was detected).

I thought this might be because I am using USB 3 to connect but my phone uses USB 2 and it connect without any trouble. I am not sure what could be causing the issue.

I am using micro USB to connect to the device.
OS: Windows 10
IDE: Arduino 1.6.6
Orange power ind. turns on when plugged into USB port

Thank you for any help you can provide. I have look on these forums and google searched but there are many posts that are described as driver issues that don’t have the same issue I do.

I am having the same problem with a Arduino Leonardo purchased form RobotShop. This computer was used with a Arduino Zero and now I want to program a Leonardo. I have removed and reinstalled Arduino IDE. Nothing happens when I plug the Leonardo into the USB port. I cant find Leonardo in the Device Manager list but I went under Actions > Add Legacy Hardware > next > install the dfhardware that I manually select form a list > next > Ports (com &LPY) > next {under Manufacture} Arduino > {under Model} Arduino Lenardo > Next > next. I get a “ The software for this device is now installed but may not work correctly. This device cannot start. (Code 10)” I can now find the Leonardo in Device manager under Ports ( com& LPY) but under its propertied is the device status of This device cannot start(Code 10).
Any suggestions?
My problem is solved see this thread.

Have you both tried the drivers in the "Old Arduino Drivers" zip.


Program Files (x86)
Open the Arduino folder
Then open the drivers folder
There is a ZIP file for older drivers (Leonardo was discontinued)
Extract the whole "Old_Arduino_Drivers" folder

Now when you want to update drivers for the Leo point it at that directory.

Or just point it at the drivers folder and include sub folders...either works.