Cannot find drivers

I have a UNO, and have installed the software. Using the XP wizard, it finds a new device, and I have told the wizard to search the drivers folder, which it does but it cannot find a driver.
Please help

Can you either tell me the type of Usb-serial chip that is used by your board (the chip closest to the usb port) or post a link to where you bought the device from?

If you are unable to find the drivers after an install, it stands to reason that you are using a clone and as such need drivers that are not packaged with the Arduino IDE.

Thank you for that. I now realise that I have a board with a CH340 chip. I will see if I can find a driver for that.

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Happy bunny, driver now installed. Blink LED sketch uploaded and running. :slight_smile:

Considering I am not very good at using IDEs, and that kind of thing, I am really pleased to be up and running with only a little effort.

My intended app is to control a motor speed from a pulse train signal using PID or just PI closed loop/feedback. I have built the motor and have an optical pickup with output pulse train proportional to motor speed. I just need to write the program now.

Wish me luck, and thanks again.