Cannot find required libraries


I have a sketch developed by some internet researcher that is capable to communicate my arduino with my DJI Phantom.
I have the command. I am willing to use this sketch to command the phantom camera’s shutter from the arduino, through a serial command (or packet). The sketch does it all.

But unfortunatelly I am not able do find the required libraries (included by the sketch). The sketch is returning a lot of errors due to variables not being declared.

I tried also to include the .h files to the Project, but it does not work. Something is still missing.

Attached, I send the sketch. Thanks is advance for any bit of light in this case.


dji-phantom.c.txt (21.4 KB)

Which libraries are missing?

Hi, What is this program written for, Arduino IDE, there is no setup() function .

Do you have a link to the site please?

Thanks Tom........ :)

That is a Linux program. It will take a great deal of work to turn into an Arduino sketch or library. All of the socket I/O will have to be re-written for the Ethernet or WiFi device you are using.