Cannot get anything to work - ESP13 Shield ESP8266MOD

Hey Guys!

I'm currently really new to Arduino in general and am struggling trying to setup my ESP13/ESP8266.

I've read multiple topics and links relating to this specific shield and i still can't seem to get anything to work.

I've wired it multiple ways, but currently i'm using this guide .

I can't seem to set anything up right, receiving no response from the Seriel Monitor either.

Currently unsure what i have to set my Arduino IDE on (Board etc) [I've installed the ESP8266 boards] and unsure of how to go about fixing it in general.

Im using an Arduino Uno and the ESP13 Shield has a ESP8266MOD AI-Thinker chip.

Honestly no idea where to go from here!

Have you been able to get some of the sample programs in the IDE to work with your Arduino. Did you follow the directions on how to wire the ESP8266 board to the Arduino and change the baud rate? Please tell us WHAT you have tried.


I've tested a few basic programs with just my Uno and some LED's and controls, they all worked fine.

Currently, i've followed the guide i linked to try change the Baud rate, and used the wiring setup he used.

I've tried using the shield by stacking it ontop of the Uno, that does the same thing (one red led on the shield / ai Think network visible on my laptop). Either way I cannot access the default gateway ( I've also tried removing my Amtel chip as some guides recommended, that also didn't change anything.

I really feel like i'm missing a crucial step or 2 somewhere. Maybe it's what i'm doing on the Arduino IDE or wires on the ESP shield.

Omarsalam: Currently unsure what i have to set my Arduino IDE on (Board etc) ... Im using an Arduino Uno

Set it for the Arduino/Genuino Uno, just as you would if you didn't have the shield attached.

Omarsalam: [I've installed the ESP8266 boards]

That won't be useful for the intended application of your shield. The shield is intended to be used a WiFi adapter for the Uno. You will be programming the Uno, which will use the shield to communicate via WiFi. The ESP8266 core for Arduino is used when you want to directly program an ESP8266. You could do that to your shield but clearly you're not at a stage to even consider doing something advanced like that. If you do want to directly program an ESP8266 I recommend you buy a board that is designed for that purpose such as the WeMos D1 Mini.

Fair enough, thank you for your insight.

How would i go about figuring out how to set the Arduino up to communicate via the esp8266 wifi?

I believe that shield has the AT firmware. If so, I recommend using this library:

Unfortunately the way the author has it configured by default won’t work with the shield directly plugged into the Uno. You need to make this change: