Cannot get ESP32 Feather in "Board" menu after installation.

Good evening folks,

So my problem right now is that I cannot get the Adafruit ESP32 Feather in the Board menu of Arduino IDE, despite having installed everything for it.

I am currently running Linux Mint KDE 18.2, the most recent version of Arduino IDE (just installed it a couple days ago).

I have followed the instructions here for installing the espressif/arduino repository and I made sure the CP210x driver was installed.

What am I doing wrong?

Do any of the ESP32 boards show up in the Tools > Board menu?

None at all.

Sorry to double post, I don't see an edit option for my previous post.

I will take screen caps of everything as soon as I get home. I had to install the espressif/arduino stuff in root for some reason, it would not allow it in normal.

I'm still getting used to running Linux again, but i dont think I missed anything in the setup instructions.

most recent version of Arduino IDE

The version in the repos is very old. Be sure to use the IDE from

This article may help for USB serial port problems. The board should appear as /dev/usbttyUSBn where n starts at 0 even if the IDE is not running or installed.

Remove the current installation. When re-installing, cut-and-paste the lines in the instructions to avoid typos.

I use ESP32 Arduino on Ubuntu 14.04 with a variety of ESP32 boards.

Good point about the IDE version gdsports. Often people think they're using the latest when they do apt-get arduino. LtShinySides, which IDE version are you using?

Thanks to gdsports tip, I'm now running 1.8.5.

I'm not sure what the version was that I had, but in comparison it looked very quaint and basic.

Thank you all for the help, I greatly appreciate it!