Cannot get past crypto configuration with Nano 33 IoT running Win 7

need help! Have read every forum post about the topic, and nothing has worked thus far. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the create agent, and have thus far followed every other hint and suggestion given, and nothing has worked. I have even gone as far as trying the beta version and hourly builds to see if that would help with getting my nano's connected to the Cloud or create pages, again did not work. For whatever reason, every time that it starts to configure the chip, it gives me the error message as seen in linked post. The file is absolutely there, and accessible, yet routinely tells me that the file does not exist and gives me an exit status 1. PLEASE HELP!

On a side note, for whatever reason, I was unable to use the beta or hourly builds ide to update the firmware on my Nano's. The update sketches wouldn't even compile with errors on the second tab.....FYI

So I finally figured out why it kept saying that the bossac.exe file did not exist and fixed that problem, however, now instead of an exit status 1, I now receive this error message:

"We were not able to configure the Secure Element". Can anyone offer some helpful hints, tips, or preferrably a remedy to this problem that I am having with it.

Just tried to connect a Nano 33 IOT to the cloud and got an
"Executing command: exit status -1073741819"
error message. Any idea's what that means?

Create Agent debug console from trying to add my nano's to the Cloud.

"{"Version" : "1.1.251"}
{"Commands" : ["list", "open [portName] [baud] [bufferAlgorithm (optional)]", "send [portName] [cmd]", "sendnobuf [portName] [cmd]", "close [portName]", "bufferalgorithms", "baudrates", "restart", "exit", "program [portName] [board:name] [$path/to/filename/without/extension]", "programfromurl [portName] [board:name] [urlToHexFile]"]}
{"Hostname" : "HPEliteDesk"}
{"OS" : "windows"}
{ "Ports": [ { "Name": "COM5", "SerialNumber": "", "DeviceClass": "", "IsOpen": false, "IsPrimary": false, "Baud": 0, "BufferAlgorithm": "", "Ver": "1.1.251", "NetworkPort": false, "VendorID": "0x2341", "ProductID": "0x8057" } ], "Network": false }
{ "Ports": , "Network": true }"