Cannot get ‘small USB’ type UNO working

I bought a couple of UNOs a year or so ago, the type that have a tiny USB socket and a permanent surface mounted ATMega 328. I’ve only now needed to use one instead of my regular type. But neither can compile any sketch. The error lines are a successive series of (to me meaningless) messages about syncing. Another clue is that the port in use refers to CH340, but I confirmed that the drivers for that are installed.

Before I experiment further and risk making things worse, could someone show me how to proceed please?

That sounds like your sketch has compiled and the issue is with programming the 328p.

Is the CH340 you refer to, associated with your UNO, or is it from another USB device?

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Thanks. Pleased to report it's fixed. Down to my careless wiring.

'CH340' only arose as part of the selected port. IOW, it appeared in both IDE > Tools > Port, and in Win 10 Device Mgr > Ports... I mentioned it because I don't understand it! And vaguely thought it had something to do with bootloading or programming the 328. But plainly not.

You can report it as fixed by clicking the check :white_check_mark: box under @markd833 reply

As that wasn’t the solution, I’ve checkmarked my own post.

Then select your own

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Done just before seeing your follow-up!

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