Cannot get the nano every to power on from a 9v battery

I can't power my arduino nano every with a 9v battery. I've tried everything. I've connected to a breadboard, ive connected it with jumper wires and yet it still doesn't work. But when i plug it into a usb power source it boots right up. Any help?

By the way: I'm very new to arduino so i might of messed something up idk.

Please post a photo of a hand drawn wiring diagram, with all the parts and pin numbers clearly labeled. The photograph is uninterpretable.

Have you carefully soldered all the connections, with no solder bridges or loose joints?

Describe how you know it is not working. What did you do, what did you expect to happen, and what happened instead?


The connections are not soldered but they should'nt have to be in practice. I know it isnt working because neither of the 3 leds turn on. I connected the - wire to gnd pin and the + wire to the vin pin. As in the photo. I expected the leds to turn on but nothing happened


Dude i don't know i just started. I don't want to ruin my board from soldering it

You may already have ruined it. Intermittent connections are very hard on electronics, and as you have noticed, it isn't working now. You will need to solder pins to the modules to use them with breadboards.

Adafruit and Sparkfun have excellent video tutorials on how to solder. If you want to get started in this hobby correctly, that is a good place to start.

ok thanks

This works now. Tanks for the help

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Your Nano Every comes with pins (as shown in your image). Use jumper leads to connect it to the battery. Or place the Nano Every in a breadboard and wire from there.

If that battery is a PP3 like the below, they are quite useless; replace by 6 1.5V batteries.

Glad you got it working! A fresh 9V battery should last for a few minutes.



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