Cannot get Wiimote to run

Hello: I'm trying to get my system (Arduino Mega 2560, USB Host Shield and Bluettoth dongle) working with Tanaka's code for connecting a Wiimote to Arduino. I am using Arduino IDE 22 and compile and upload SteeringWii example but it fails to work. Serial monitor only shows 'Lost Bluetooth connection'. I tried to follow the code and modified it to give me some more information and I found that the Wiimote status returned by the connection function is 7 which means that it is: WIIREMOTE_STATE_USB_AUTHORIZED = 0x01, WIIREMOTE_STATE_USB_CONFIGURED = 0x02, WIIREMOTE_STATE_CONNECTED = 0x04,


Up to now I do not know what to do next. Any idea?

Thank you Rafael