Cannot instal the device driver,

Hello can anybody help me please? I am trying to get started with my Arduino Uno but cannot load the device driver. I am using Windows Vista. When I try to install the device driver I can get as far as browsing for the driver and I can open the Arduino driver file but I can only access the FTDI USB file. There is a Arduino UNO file in there as a notebook but I cannot get the device installer to open this. On all the forum help tips it appears that I should be able to point directly to an Arduino UNO.inf file.

Any help to get me going will be greatly appreciated!!

You should have these in the drivers folder of the original zip file.



Hi There, I have had trouble downloading my driver into my UNO. The drive file would not appear when I to went on to the Browser to select the drive file from my computer wizard (XP windows). It was not until I unzipped the file, then it appeared when I went back onto the Browser again. Hope this is of some help

Hi All,

Thanks for your help. I have managed to fix the problem. When I was going on to the device driver browser to select the .inf file it could not find it in the Arduino drivers sub-directory. However when I selected the entire UNO directory it managed to find it and I am now up and running. Thanks.

From the Getting Started page

Get the latest version from the download page.

When the download finishes, unzip the downloaded file. Make sure to preserve the folder structure. Double-click the folder to open it. There should be a few files and sub-folders inside.