Cannot install IDE 1.06 on windows 8 by just clicking zip file

No matter what I try, I just cant click the windows zip file to download arduino 1.0.6. I have windows 8 btw. Also, nothing happens when I click it, not even an error.

download it again? install winzip or other unzipper?

hi, I have windows 8 and no matter what I do, I cant download the IDE. I'm very new to this, but from everything I've looked up, nothing helps. Basically, I go over to where it says "Windows Zip File" then if I click, nothing happens. Not even an error message.

Sorry, but what do you mean "Download it Again?"

I've just realized that no matter what I click to download anything on that page, it doent work.

I've just realized that no matter what I click to download anything on that page, it doent work.

Hello. I don't think there is an Arduino IDE that supports Windows 8 yet. Right now the latest only supports Windows 7 at most. Perhaps they will come up with an IDE that supports Windows 8 in the near future. For now you can use a Linux virtual machine to run the IDE if you really want to make it work.

Okay thank you very much for your help!

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Been running Arduino IDE on windows 8 since i can rememeber, no issues or problems at all. Both Win8 on a laptop and desktop, no arduino IDE issues both using 1.0.6 and 1.5.8 for different arduino models.

Most common models, like the Uno, Nano, Mini pro all run fine on win 8.

However, Back to the topic itself.

Not being able to download the IDE, sounds more like you might have a problem with malware on your computer. A lot of malware is known to scan the word "download" on a browser page and either prevent downloads, or redirect you to another site than intended by the site owner.

I know Arduino.CC is slow as hell, personally it takes 10-15minuttes to download the small 200mb from here. But i guess it's just a bad host, but slow or not, you should always be able to download the IDE regardless of platform.

Do you have any sort of zip installation besides the windows default one, personally i use and recomend Winzip.

I use this to unzip almost anything i download including the Arduino IDE.

Also try downloading the winInstaller version of either 1.0.6 or 1.5.8