Cannot join two sketches....


I am trying to put 2 programs together so I can log the time of an event.
However when I add the other program the monitor console output stops working and also the first program. The second program I called it “printlog”.
One thing I also notice is that the messages I print on the setup don’t work either.

I have an Arduino Uno

Please help !!!

I attached the sketch.

SC4.ino (5.06 KB)

char text1[200] = "Alerta 1: Nivel Verde Alcanzado !!"; 
char text2[200] = "Alerta 2: Nivel Amarillo Alcanzado !!"; 
char text3[200] = "Alerta 3: Nivel Rojo Alcanzado !!";

Which Arduino do you have? These three arrays take up 30% of the memory on a 328-based Arduino.


What is this supposed to be doing? It isn’t.

Did you really type your sketch in italics? There is a sticky at the top of the forum that you clearly didn’t read. Go read it now, of fix your post.

I have an Arduino Uno.

I modified the settings from char to string:

String text1 = "Alerta 1: Nivel Verde Alcanzado !!";
String text2 = "Alerta 2: Nivel Amarillo Alcanzado !!";
String text3 = "Alerta 3: Nivel Rojo Alcanzado !!";

For the text3;
I think I was going to write a comment but I never complete it.

After I modified it the code it started to work.

Thanks a lot !!!!!!