Cannot load Arduino library from Github into Eclipse using download manager


I decided to try Eclipse as an IDE for my Arduino projects.

The Eclipse download manager for Arduino does not offer an option to load from a zip download.

I am trying to include "" in Eclipse but so far found no way.

Assistance welcome.



unzip the library into your libraries folder

Hi Juray, I tried that, Eclipse is unable to see the libraries delivered this way.

Spycatcher2k, this is very related to Arduino and could not find an Eclipse forum specific to Arduino.

My hope was to find someone with this sort of experience here, it was the closest I could find.



the Arduino Eclipse plugin uses a library folder configured in Preferences. go to menu Arduino/Preferences

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I would not say that, although he should not have cross posted.
The thread is also in this forum, dedicated to Sloeber/Eclipse issues and is even referenced from the Sloeber Homepage under the navigation bar entry "Community".